Atopic dermatitis in children can negatively effect sleep

Atopic dermatitis can have a negative effect on sleep quality in children. Though pruritus can be worse at night, scratching episodes accounted for less than a quarter of nighttime disruptions. This has lead researchers to conclude that nighttime scratching is not the only factor in sleep


New Therapy Increases Melanin in Patients with Albinism

A medication used to treat tyrosinemia has been shown to increase melanin production in some people with oculocutaneous albinism type 1B. By increasing melanin production, the medication, nitisinone, could help protect people with albinism against UV rays and help improve their vision, which can also be affected by the condition.

Melanoma survival rate in US higher in states with more diagnosed cases

Patients in the United States who live in a state with a higher incidence of melanoma are more likely to survive the disease. Conversely, Americans who live in a state with a lower incidence of melanoma are less likely to survive the disease. Researchers believe that this seeming contradiction might be a result of better detection in more well-funded regions leading to better outcomes.