Melanoma survival rate in US higher in states with more diagnosed cases

Patients in the United States who live in a state with a higher incidence of melanoma are more likely to survive the disease. Conversely, Americans who live in a state with a lower incidence of melanoma are less likely to survive the disease. Researchers believe that this seeming contradiction might be a result of better detection in more well-funded regions leading to better outcomes.


Antibiotic prescriptions for skin conditions fall while prescriptions for surgical procedures rise

With more than 7 million prescriptions per year, dermatologists prescribe more oral antibiotics per clinician than any other specialty. Over time, the use of antibiotics to treat inflammatory skin conditions is decreasing, though the prescription of antibiotics related to dermatological surgical procedures has increased.

Acne: Genetic factors related to pore and hair follicle size may contribute to severity

A study published in the journal Nature Communications (Dec. 12, 2018) looked at the DNA of approximately 27,000 individuals including 3,823 with severe acne to examine a number of inheritable risk factors that could result in a higher likelihood of acne. Twelve new genetic regions were identified in the study, increasing the number of specific genetic regions associated with acne to 15.