A New Understanding of How Loose RNA Affects Skin Cells May Lead to Novel Therapies

Researchers have uncovered the mechanism by which certain skin rejuvenation techniques work.


Study: Homemade Sunscreen Recipes Found on Pinterest May Leave Skin Vulnerable

Ineffective recipes for homemade sunscreens are being praised on social media platforms such as Pinterest, according to a new study. A study published online ahead of print in the journal Health Communication (May 21, 2019), investigated how homemade sunscreens were marketed, shared, and portrayed on Pinterest.

Women pay more for OTC facial moisturizers than men according to new study

Women pay more than men for the same facial moisturizer products according to a new study published online ahead of print in the in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology (April 15, 2019). In investigating the products sold by these retailers, researchers looked for marketing cues such as language, graphical design, and container shape to determine if products were priced differently based on which gender they were geared toward.